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Competitive and Recreational


For over 20 years Scorpions Niagara has been producing not just amazing teams but incredible individuals both on and off the floor. Our athletes have graced cheerleading floors from Hong Kong to California, Nashville to Florida, Vancouver to Halifax!  Our Worlds Program has qualified for the USASF Cheerleading Worlds 10 years in a row; Niagara's only program to have earned this prestigious success.

We are known as Niagara's premiere centre for cheerleading; an amazing facility with world-class coaches changing lives for the better.

We offer two types of cheerleading programs at Scorpions Niagara: Local and Travel teams.

Travel teams are formed based on age and ability. Athletes are assessed then placed accordingly.  Teams practice twice per week.

Our local teams are also based on age and ability but they enjoy a lower cost and lower commitment level. Teams practice once per week. See the front page for tryout info on our teams.


As leaders and innovators in All Star cheerleading we are offering two streams for athletes to strive towards in their cheerleading careers!  We are new offering the Navy Seals and the Bombshells divisions in the junior divisions.  Athletes can choose their stream according to their love (or not) of tumbling! We feel this is an amazing opportunity for those athletes that need a challenge but just do not want to bother with tumbling.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  If athletes love cheer and want to go to Worlds one day to compete on an International stage they will work towards being on Navy Seals. This is a high level team full of dynamic high level stunting with a lot of tumbling.  If athletes do not enjoy the tumbling aspect of cheerleading but love the sport of cheerleading we encourage them to join the Junior stream of the Bombshells division.  This is also a high level team full of dynamic athletes than can stunt and dance like no other minus all the tumbling.

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